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Tags provide a way to quickly help you find music in your collection to match a given mood or scenario (provided you have taken the time to tag your music). Tags are collected into "categories" initially labelled "Moods", "Scenarios" and "General" though you can edit these under Options.

It is important to remember that filtering by tags applies "OR" conditions when selecting multiple tags in the same category, and "AND" conditions across categories. For example, clicking both "Cheerful" and "Melancholy" tags under the Moods category shows you albums which contain one or more tracks that are either cheerful or melancholy. If you also select the "Romantic" tag in the Scenarios category, it will then restrict this further by showing cheerful/melancholy albums which are ALSO suitable for a romantic evening. All the tag names and categories are fully configurable (even their icons, by dragging a new icon over them in the Options/Tags configuration page).

Setting a tag at album level (on the album page) turns on that tag for all its tracks, though you can then turn them off on specific tracks if it doesn't apply to those. Setting a tag on the Now Playing page only turns it on for that track, not the whole album. When filtering by tags it will show (in the main browser) all albums for which at least one of its tracks matches the filtered tags, however the magic wand feature in the toolbar ensures that only tracks which match the filtered tags are randonly queued.

Tag Pinning

You can pin a tag in the left panel by right-clicking on it. This changes the main view to allow you to easily see which albums have that tag set, and to allow tagging/untagging of selected albums (again via right-click) without having to go into each album page. All tracks in the album have the tag set/unset when this action is taken. Right-click the tag again to exit this quick album tagging mode.