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Remote control for mobile devices


  • Server runs on port 5555 (configurable), intended for mobile device (rather than ipad, though ipad is a future option). Note that you will probably have to configure your firewall to open the specified port:

Firewall port configuration

  • Can browse & play full albums, artists/composers, tags, genres etc via web interface.
  • Defaults to same player as Muso but can be switched independently
  • Muso must remain open on windows to act as server
  • Muso must be run in Administrator Mode (OS level configuration)

Main Menu Albums

Step by Step Instructions

  • Run Muso in Administrator mode (even if your user is an administrator it requires this elevation). This elevation will be forced if you use the option "Start in Server Mode".
  • If you have not used the option "Start in Server Mode", you can start the Server manually via this button on the toolbar:


  • The remote server endpoint is opened by Muso and the URL shown next to toolbar button:


  • Click on the URL to test that it opens in your local browser.
  • Options and Configuration: