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You can rate each of your tracks from 0 to 5 stars in half-star increments, via the Album, Artist or Track pages (unless ratings are turned off in your options).

Clicking on a star sets the rating to that number of stars, clicking on the same star again reduces it by half a star.

Hint: To unrate a track with a rating, click near to the left edge of the first star.

You can filter your collection by minimum rating in the left panel (under the tags/rating pull-down). Setting a minimum rating here restricts your album browser view to show only those albums which contain one or more tracks at that rating or higher, but still shows all the tracks. However the magic wand feature in the main toolbar will not queue songs below the minimum rating. You can also tick the "Unrated" checbox and this is used in conjuction with the Minimum Rating as follows:

  • if unrated ticked and no min rating specified this means unrated tracks specifically
  • if unrated ticked and min rating is specified this means unrated tracks AND tracks at that minimum rating
  • if unrated not ticked and min rating is specified this means tracks at that minimum rating only

At album level this means any albums which INCLUDE any tracks that match the above.

Track wizard function from hierarchy view applies filters to tracks queued (doesnt just pick any track from an album that qualifies in the selected node) Manage Bookmarks window (from Bookmarks menu) - can delete, rename & re-order bookmarks as required.

Albums are given a score (used when ordering by Rating) by averaging the track ratings but also giving some consideration to how many tracks are as yet unrated - the star ranking shown for an album appears more transparent the more tracks are unrated. See Album Score for details.