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Before playing music you should select your required player via the side-panel (squeezebox player, winamp, iTunes or foobar2000). Before muso will look for these it will check whether you have turned them on under Options (on the Players tab).

You can enqueue whole albums by clicking on the '+' icon which appears on hovering over the cover on the Browse by Album view, by drilling down to the album and selecting the "Enqueue Album" link, or by right-clicking on an album cover and selecting the "Enqueue Album" menu option.

To enqueue single tracks, navigate to the album or artist page and click on the track name.

From an album or artist page, you can also right-click on a track and select options "Play Album From This Track Now" and "Enqueue Album From This Track" which enqueues/plays only the tracks in the album from the selected track onwards. From an album page you can also click on the track number box to play the album from that track Now (as you move the cursor over it, it shows a > icon to indicate this is a play now function).

From an album or artist page, you can click on a disk header to enqueue just that disc (or play it now if the control is pressed), or (control-)click a group of tracks by clicking on the group header.

You can also queue tracks directly from the database page (adds all selected tracks when multiple are selected).

Modifier Keys (Play Now, Play Next, Randomise)

As a general principle wherever an option is available within muso to queue music (a single track or a set of tracks) to the player:

  • holding down no modifier key adds the track(s) to the end of the playlist, so is an ENQUEUE action,
  • holding the CONTROL key down clears the playlist first, so is a PLAY NOW action,
  • holding the SHIFT key down while activating the option pushes the track(s) after the playing track in the playlist, so is a PLAY NEXT action (Squeezebox devices only presently)
  • holding the ALT key down while activating the option for multiple tracks randomises the tracks first (can be used in combination with CONTROL or SHIFT)

Where an option is shown to play track(s) "Now" it will do that (the SHIFT key will not override this to play NEXT), but the ALT key can be used to randomise the tracks. Note that the ALT key cannot be used in conjunction with right-click context menus.

Queued Music

As music is queued it is listed in the "Playlist" section of the side panel, with an indication of the total play length. For most players this is now an editable playlist, with drag/drop re-order support.

Additional Players, Drag Operations

Muso supports drag operations, so you can drag albums or tracks to any player that supports file drop operations to add them to that player's playlist. In this mode Muso can be used side-by-side with many additional players, though the player itself must be used for play functions (play, pause, next track, etc) and playlist manipulation.