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The magic wand icon, where shown, can be used to queue up some randomly selected tracks. In the main toolbar it will queue up random tracks based on any filter or tag combination you have set up on your main browser view, or hierarchically according to any hierarchy node selected.

When shown within a detail artist/album/track page the magic wand icon will queue random tracks contextually, depending on where it is shown, eg.

  • from the More by this Artist section of an album or track page it will queue up random tracks only from the current artist
  • from the By Similar Artists section it will queue up random tracks from those similar artists.
  • from the header area in an artist page it will queue random tracks from that artist.

As with all mouse-invoked queue actions, holding down the CONTROL key while clicking the magic wand will force the current playlist to be cleared and the random tracks played immediately, and holding down the SHIFT key will play the selected tracks NEXT in the playlist (if supported by the player).

The number of tracks that will be queued on each click of the magic wand can be configured in the Options (on the Player / Misc tab) - the default is 10 (so click 3 times to queue up 30). Muso will ensure that no duplicates are queued when the wand is clicked multiple times within the same context. This means that once all qualifying tracks within the context of the function are queued, the magic wand will queue no more until the context is changed.