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Compilations to Muso are albums which cannot deduce any titled artist(s) - which are artists common to all tracks - but which have multiple (Track) Artist values (or Composers if the album is classical).

Note that the Compilation track tag only assists in the collation of multiple artists with the same album name into an album when not collating by folder or parent folder, it does not necessarily force an album to be considered a compilation (albums which have a titled artist are not considered compilations even if all tracks have the Compilation track tag set).


Muso can file compilations under a configurable name when artist groups are listed (under Options/Album Collation, see above), and as an option can use that name as the titled artist rather than showing the album with no titled artist (which is the default). So with this option turned on (as above) a compilation will be shown in an album list like this rather than with no titled artist: