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You can start your browsing experience by clicking on one of the options on the side panel:

  • Gallery - browse album covers, with sorting options of by Artist, Rating, Date Added, Year or Album Name. When albums are ordered by Artist or Album Name clickable letters dow the left hand side of the browser area allows you to restrict to artists/albums which start with that letter - control or shift click to select multiple. Similarly, when albums are ordered by year, clickable years are shown.
  • Cloud - a cloud view of Artists, Composers, Performers, Bands, Genres, Years, Month Added or Conductor (classical music only) - you can order the chosen entity by Name, Average Rating or Last Added. Each entity can be expanded to show albums sorted by Rating, Date Added, Year or Album Name. Only the entities with full albums are shown if the Full Albums option is ticked - a link at the bottom of the Artist cloud ("Show Other Artists") allows other artists (with no full albums) to be shown.

From an album cover displayed in the main browser view you may navigate to the Album Page by just clicking on it - this gives details of the album including track listing, artist information, album reviews, etc. It also lists other albums (in your collection) by the same artist, and albums by similar artists.

You can also browse to an Artist Page by clicking on an artist name - the artist page lists the albums and their tracks, and provides more detailed artist information.