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The filter box allows you to define a filter which applies to the Gallery View, Cloud Views, Database View (optionally), the Catalog (optionally) and the master Magic Wand function.

It supports AND, OR and NOT functions as the following examples illustrate:

  • blue|green : matches any album/track with "blue" OR "green" in the detail
  • blue green : matches any album/track with "blue" AND "green" in the detail
  • blue+green : interpreted the same as above
  • "blue green" : matches any album/track with exact string "blue green" in the detail
  • blue | green pink : matches any album/track with "blue" OR ("green" and "pink") in the detail (OR takes precedence)
  • blue -yellow : matches any album/track with "blue" in the detail but does NOT include "yellow"
  • blue -yellow | pink : as above, OR has "pink" in the detail
  • "mad dogs" | englishmen : matches "mad dogs" exactly, OR "englishmen"
  • Genre:Metal | Genre:Grunge : Two-genre view - Genre: prefix makes it match genre only, otherwise it can match any attribute. Can choose these from filter presets (control-click to add one to existing filter with OR condition).
  • Genre:20thCentury -Muhly : Multi-word genre must be selected from filter presets (strips spaces in filter text), can then combine with AND, NOT or OR conditions.In this case matches any album/track with 20th Century genre, except any which matches "Muhly".

NB. All are case-insensitive. An album or artist page will highlight any full words which match the filtered words in the track listing(s), but not partial words.

Filter Presets