Composer sort order

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Composer sort order

Postby vinylmad » Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:04 am


Beginner here! The way Muso displays Composers is not what I was expecting...but it's probably down to me. Hopefully this example from the Hierarchy display will illustrate:

The example is from the 'B's. In the main, the composers are sorted by their first name, but not always, as you can see. Can anyone suggest a possible reason?

Background... Music files (FLAC) have been imported via a folder/file scan from an Innuos server/streamer. Previously they were served from a NAS running LMS to a Squeezebox Touch. Each track has COMPOSER and COMPOSERSORT tags (...can Muso use COMPOSERSORT?), where COMPOSERSORT is like "Lastname Firstname" (no comma); this was the format used with the LMS plug-ins 'Custom Scan' and 'Custom Browse'. (There are also PERFORMER and PERFORMERSORT tags, but performer listings aren't afflicted by the odd sorting issue.) I use dBpoweramp CD Ripper and Mp3tag.

Also, on the Cloud and Hierarchy pages, is it possible for me to configure Muso to sort composers by Lastname, while displaying them normally?

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Re: Composer sort order

Postby musoware » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:32 am

Sorry I didn't see this, but can see now you've added it to the Bugs section, I've responded there.
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