Introduction Thread

New members please introduce yourselves here. Until you do you may not be able to post elsewhere (anti-spam measure).
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by fatman »

I just evaluate Muso with HQplayer, I really love it to use with HQplayer
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by sung0d »


I'm here from harbeth forums and was hoping to find the user named broadsword who made this post [url] ... e-listener[/url] .
I found out about it recently and was trying to find some answers but to no avail :( Did you end up finding out why it happens?
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Cuttler »

Hey everyone!
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Ed Howarth
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by Ed Howarth »

Hey and welcome.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by steveoat87 »

Just started using Muso and generally am impressed.

A few issues

When I look at a multidisc box set, all the separate cover art for the individual albums shows. However, when I play the set, the cover art does not change when an album changes. Is this a bug?

Is there any way to customize the album page to add more information?

Also are there plans to add icons to identify things like dsf files, hi rez, etc. I frequently have a low and high resolution copy of an album, and can't distinguish form the two looking at the way things are currently displayed.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by kdbrink »

I'm new to Muso and having a problem with the user agreement. I'm hoping to be able to post my problem after posting here.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by edguzzi »

This is my first visit on this board. Installed Muso yesterday and am very impressed so far by the vast amount of work that has been put into this project!
Can't understand why only some hundred people make use of this fantastic program.
It should be on any computer in the world to make proper use of a musicplayer. Plea :D se keep it going for years to come!
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by nidzo »

LMS/Squeezebox user for a long time.
but looking for alternatives (raspberry, roon, etcetc)
i've installed muso yesterday. at the moment, problems in scanning LMS database.
i'll see
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by MSWallack »

Relatively new to (trying) to catalog Classical music and Muso looks like it could be a powerful tool to help with that process.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by sbenyo »


I am using hqpayer with music built PC going for the most extreme filters (xtr).
I found muso to be the best music library that works with hqplayer very ell. I like it very much!
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