Introduction Thread

New members please introduce yourselves here. Until you do you may not be able to post elsewhere (anti-spam measure).
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by 4est »

I am using Muso as a front end to HQPlayer.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by oophoi »

I have read about muso at slimdevices and have difficulties to configurate muso
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by grunter »

Hi, I've found Muso when I used Hqplayer as player, now a friend of mine has written a very optimized asio player for our dac (Merging Hapi). This player has no api (only text mode) and is launched by a batch file. I'd like to be able to use Muso with it. The batch file is already the default program associated with flac and dsf files. I'd like to use Muso only as a frontend, and I'd like if I could launch the batch file for my player simply double clicking on a music file in Muso. Do you think it could be possible?
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by drjimwillie »

I am looking forward to Muso helping me make HQPlayer more user friendly and have connectivity to remote devices.
Thank you
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by musoware »

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by siginitz »

I was introduced to Muso by a friend. I was looking for an alternative for the library management of HQ-Player. Roon is one alternative, in my opinion although it is a good software, it is to much money for it. Muso seems to be also very good, and the costs are reasonable.
I am a jazz fan, hope to find more enthusiasts here. I live in Bavaria in Germany.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by dutchronnie »


I am am muso users for years now. And i am happy with the programm.
A few years ago i wanted to place some topics, but was not able to do it. now i wat it to try again. and still it doesn't work.

But i saw just the introduction topic, i didn't know that i had to fill in this first.
hope i can put some questions on the forum soon.

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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by mauri_va »

I discovered Muso only yesterday, but I find it very interesting!
I try it to help me in manage the LMS db and also a new way to listen my musica.
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by marcoc1712 »

Long term user in this forum, had some PM but first time I'm posting.

I've made some works in LMS and I'm here to see if we could add Cue ssheet support to muso
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Re: Introduction Thread

Post by dhallag »

hey guys. just saying hello.
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