Music Database: RMB Menu and Key Commands

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Music Database: RMB Menu and Key Commands

Postby RichG » Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:12 pm

I've just been doing a bunch of editing in the database window and have found that I need to use the mouse somewhat excessively and have to switch from keyboard to mouse a little too much.

Would it be possible to:

A) Add a right mouse button (RMB) menu that had choices for 'Edit Track(s)', 'Queue Track(s)', 'Delete Tracks(s)', 'Write Dynamic Tags'.

B) Add key commands for the same choices - particularly 'Edit Track', and also 'Confirm Group Header'

Also, the in-line editing in this view could be a little friendlier - I often find I have to click a number of times to edit a tag, and when a list to choose Composer is displayed the up / down keys don't function on the choices and I have to revert to the mouse to make the choice.

Many thanks.
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