Request a new feature to add to Muso, or vote +1/-1 for anyone else's suggestion. Even just a few votes will get it looked into (just one possibly not).


Postby DuLac » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:42 pm

This is not a feature request but simply a way to express an idea for discussion.
I got my Chromecast dongle sometime last week. The little thing is amazing but for someone living outside the US and Canada many of its features are not yet available due to copyright regulations. One can however access Youtube and anything that shows in Chrome browser. In the latter case the quality of the picture is not fantastic due to the heavy processing involved, I presume.

Now, wouldn't it be fantastic if Muso's full graphical layout could be looked at in a large TV monitor? That together with a cellphone running the remote control application would bring a new dimension to the already excellent graphics. I can imagine myself in a sofa reading the small print of inner notes and back covers from my music collection on the TV while listening to the music.
Google already opened the SDK to developers ( ... ecast-sdk/)
If at all feasible this would be a major addition to an already excellent application. Does that seem interesting to anyone else?
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