Why not Linux for this fantastic peace of software

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Why not Linux for this fantastic peace of software

Postby siginitz » Wed Feb 27, 2019 9:28 am

in the meantime many in the audio have experienced that with Linux;that Linux which is specially improved for audio sound quality; one can get many improvements compared to windows. And Muso, due to the fact that it is focused only on audio, and who provides all what is needed for playing in comfortable manner, at least in my opinion should have a Linux counterpart. Many outside am using HQPlayer, and it’s combination with Muso is ideal. But when we try to use by example a Multichannel system with room correction filters with Linux, we can use HQPlayer-Linux desktop/embedded, as comparable software, we only have Roon. This is why I want to motivate the author to see if it is possible to make a Linux version of Muso!!! Many outside there will be happy ! And will have no problem to pay for it what is necessary.
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Siginitz, one of the many enthusiasts using Muso!!!!
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