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Postby musoware » Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:36 pm

From 1.3.09 to 1.5.20:-

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Delete Album option now offers to delete actual song files.
Back/Forward navigation now available via configured mouse buttons or keystrokes.
Show filetype(s) of album on hover and header section of album page.
Allow filter entry (and use of search button) while in database view (previously auto-cleared itself).
Album Qualification by Duration added, default 40 minutes (for those albums where all tracks have a duration) - total time also shown on album hover. Classical genre albums no longer automatically qualify (when specialised classical functionality turned on).

Avoid exception when cannot decode mouse navigation action
Beta SBS 7.6 SQLite integration.

Reverse the standard sorting on clicking a sort link a second time
Ability to sort albums by plays (total track play count)

Can filter by rating.
Fix to reading large disc number values (eg. 254) from SBS scan.
Accessibility text added to top level control buttons.
Group text sizes in cloud view correctly affected by filters.
Deduce collate type as parent folder when folder name starts with "disc"+space or "disc"+number, not just "disc"+anything. Same goes for "disk", "vol" and "cd".

Change to licencing schemes - dropped 2 year option, full licence now valid for multiple machines (requires request for additional keys via Purchase page).

Multiple SBS equivalence paths supported (up to 4).
Browse by Year and Month Added now have full group sort-by options (rather than having fixed ordering), including ability to reverse the order.
On SBS synch with remote server do not insist on muso being able to access the file remotely (eg via equivalence path) - as long as SBS understands the path it can be pushed to a player (it is still *recommended* to arrange access via an equivalence path however)
Changed the trackstat integration default to false (new users experienced scan error if they don't have trackstat).
Handle more special ASCII characters in paths.

More options in auto-suggest box on track edit window, and add composers in the database but not in the specialized roster.
Change filter auto-complete to a list of presets which appears when you focus on the filter box - this means the Enter key now works for typed in filters.
Classical: Ability to filter by classical period and country (when specialized classical behaviour is turned on) - these options are in the filter presets (above).

Classical: Intelligent logic to deduce composer from roster when importing, and to fill in orchestra/composer attributes too (when specialized classical behaviour turned on).
Assistance in defining a track group header when selecting multiple rows in the database view with a common prefix.
Fix track menu after drilling down from one album view to another.

3D appearance progress bar for album artwork search.
Changed Georgia (default font) to Tahoma.
Allow clearing common track header for group of tracks at bottom of db view.
Support up to 125% text sizing (120 DPI) - more than this and some text items can get clipped.

Play All/Enqueue All links on Artist Page, plus magic wand for queueing some random tracks.

Better support for artist names which include double-quotes.
Do not use composer roster sortkeys for Artist when specialized classical music functionality is not turned on.

Album and track pages show cover full size (or as big as will fit) on hovering, if image is stored locally and larger than displayed cover.
Pictures page (for album or track with images in same folder) now show thumbnails: roll-over to see larger image (reduced to fit if necessary, click to see full size).
Classical: When Conductor is titled artist and also the Composer, show Composer with tracks/groups.

Simplify track artist display if different from album artist - just show all before track/group.
On artwork page show in intelligent order (b1.jpg, b2.jpg, b3.jpg, .... b10.jpg, b11.jpg), and always show those in filespec first.
Artwork page supports click-to-zoom over main image, mouse-wheel controls zoom factor.
When in Now Playing artwork page and track changes, refresh artwork for new track (instead of going back to main NP page, unless there is no stored artwork).

Artwork page zoom allows viewport size adjustment via arrow keys (remembered between sessions, if IE has cookies enabled).
Now playing thumbnail zoom also on left panel.
Now Playing track rating visible (and modifiable) in left panel (if Ratings used).

Fixed caching of cover images (avoids locking files)

Correct tab order in left panel.
Stop filter presets appearing unless you click in the filter.
Fix licence key check where email entered includes upper-case characters.
Artwork page - remember zoom level while in the page.
Now playing cover thumbnail (left panel) - click to go to album (the Now Playing link goes to the track).

Make Min Rating in Filter section apply to database view too (when filter applied to grid).
Compatible with SBS 7.6.1 (renamed sqlite db files, and WAL support)

Export Catalog to XML/HTML/CSS (BETA) - new option in File menu. Exports albums/tracks by Artist (Composer in Classical mode).
Fix cast error in SQLite SBS scan when low trackstat values parsed.

New feature to export/generate tag and ratings based playlists in iTunes (for synchronising with an ipod/iphone perhaps).
Fix Catalog HTML for Chrome. Enhanced catalog index.
More log info for trackstat rating updates.

Where the play/enqueue icon is used on an album within the context of a "group" (eg. by Genre), only the tracks applicable to
the group are queued.
On the images page, click on a thumbnail to pin that image, from that point on you have to click each image to see it
full size (rather than roll-over).
Catalog HTML now verified for Firefox, IE, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Added some effects.
Catalog HTML has option to optimise for web-deployment (faster initial loading for large collections, each artist detail only
downloaded as needed). NB. Load mechanism does not work for local catalog under Chrome and Opera (file:// access), but does if
SQLite 64-bit library deployed on 64-bit target environment.

Reconciled version numbers.

Make contextual album queueing (within expanded group) handle track tags which specify multiple values (genres, artists, etc).

Consolidate SQLite libraries to work with both SBS 7.6.0 and SBS 7.6.1 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Improved HTML Catalog with dynamic menu at the top.
SBS Synch now imports lyrics from SqueezeCenter.

HTML catalog speed enhancements.
Fix rating click issues.
Purchase now goes through

Fixed an issue with 1.4.04, not showing Now Playing information properly.

Fix Catalog issues for IE.
Play an album's tracks in random order when SHIFT key held down when track is queued.

Fix hover info position when page has scrolled (now playing and artist views).
More sensible group rating when grouping by Artist/Composer and sorting by Avge Rating.
Play Now/Enqueue buttons below partial album track listing - eg. on Artist Page, where Artist is only a contributor for the album (contributed to some of the tracks).

Fix issue with empty registration email on startup.

Read COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR and ORCHESTRA extended Ogg Vorbis tags on file scan (flac and ogg files).

Read .txt files for artwork page - link based on name, inject content into display
Fixed some minor issues with SQLite db scan.
Put SQLite.Interop.dll in place on x64.
Ensure internal thumbnail names do not have a leading space - can cause albums page not to show cover.
Other album images - make it look into sub-folders named "scans", "covers", "art", "artwork", "pics", and "pictures".
For pdfs make it look into sub-folders named "scans" and "booklet".

Resolve host name to IP for LMS server.
When last used LMS IP/host does not exist on restart, allow longer between retries to allow front end to remain responsive.
Order similar artists by similarity rather than alphabetically.
Resolve System.Data.SQLite.dll issues

Read SOLOIST/SOLOISTS ogg vorbis tag into Performer.
Read ORGANIZATION/PUBLISHER/LABEL ogg vorbis tag into new database field "Label" (only shown on album view currently, plus supports searching).

Basic foobar2000 integration (using command line interface rather than full SDK). Requires runcmd plugin for seek and volume
More work in resolving host name to IP for LMS server.

For albums view ordered by artist, make secondary ordering year then album name.
"Play album from this track" automatically when you click on an album track's number box.
For slimserver player restart the playing track if "Play" is hit while track already playing (if paused just un-pause).

Resolve namesort exceptions.

For composers, conductors and soloists default namesort to surname where sortkey not defined.
Allow type in of LMS .db path, and fix "Test Connection" function to use current path.

Generated catalog now incorporates youtube-instant link for each track (opens in new tab/window).
Note that with some browsers (eg. IE), this may only work properly once you web deploy (not while
you run locally on your filesystem).

Fix artistsort issue on LMS synch.
When different rating in LMS and database, take later without asking (on LMS synch) - only ask if on same day.
Fix "click to fix" function on artwork page (clicking on thumbnail fixes the artwork to that image/text until another is clicked).

Change SBS references to LMS
Respond to keyboard media keys (play/pause, next/prev track)

Catalog now has ability to override the default sort of albums within artist/composer.
Save selected filetypes on exit and reapply on startup.

Catalog: On-screen warning when web optimisation turned on (AND option turned on to auto-open on completion), that
Ajax fetches may not work on some browsers (eg. Chrome, Opera) when testing locally (ie. until web-deployed).

Volume adjustment changed to 5% step size (10% a touch too severe).
Ability to pin a tag (on left panel) via right-click, then quickly toggle albums with the pinned tag via a new option at the top of the right-click menu.
iTunes export playlists more intelligent, with incremental option (default).
Consolidate view of non-qualifying albums (including non-album tracks) - it's now an option whether these are included in the main view (unclick "Full Albums").
Highlight filter text matches in artist page as well as album page (track listings only).

Fix full album count issue introduced in 1.4.23
New PivotViewer (experimental) - limited functionality for the time-being.
Stop loading fonts for Options window after 500 fonts.
Make Full Albums option sticky.
Fix null reference issue on some refreshes.

More advanced PivotViewer

Fix to PivotViewer constructor

Fix to plus/minus web image inclusion.
Years filter added to pivotviewer.

New option to auto-synch with LMS on muso startup.
For LMS player, changed ratings in muso are pushed immediately to LMS via the CLI, assuming LMS already has the track registered in its database.
Fix artistsort read from LMS (only brings in effective namesort entries, ie. not where namesort is the same as the unsorted name!).

Much faster timeout on checking for LMS connection (when server unreachable).
Minor pivotviewer fixes/enhancements.
Fix to Album.TitledArtist property so that artist(s) common to all tracks are recognised.

Allow synch with LMS even when different player (winamp, iTunes or foobar) is selected.

Setup remembers your installation folder if you previously changed it from the default (NB. will only be effective AFTER upgrading to this version).
Fix issue going Back to main browser after having navigated to web page.
Album and Track pages now show a list of related wikipedia pages (not guaranteed to be 100% relevant!) - click for snippet, click more to go to full page.
Fix Menu Position Option.
Build 02: ensure latest CustomControlLibrary included in upgrade.

Allow override of muso shared folder location from external muso.ini file (in program folder) - path visible but not amendable in Options window.
Graph option on PivotViewer (though drill-down functionality not yet operative).

Strip elements in brackets (round, square, or curly) from end of album name in and amazon album searches.
- Text filter added, with presets for all artists, years, decades, genres etc.
- Artist checkboxes for combined titled artists only (not all artists: list becomes too unwieldy)
- Click on supporting or contributing artist link in album detail feeds text filter.
- Drill-down ability added to rating, year, genre and titled artist graphs.
Album Name initial letter filter, with drill-down option from graph view.
More fixes
Use smaller thumbnails when > 2000 albums, to save memory (standard thumbnails used when zooming in manually to subset).
Carry over any muso filter (mode, text, tags, or minimum rating) to pivotviewer initial collection (shown as filtered in title).
Standard window border - maximised initially but resizable/minimisable.

Catalog ajax option writes covers links with forward slash rather than backslash for possible deployment to Linux server.
Export LMS playlists for #tags and $genres (high-rated tracks) - localhost LMS only currently, and no configuration of LMS playlist folder (move manually if wrong)
Fix to composer suggestbox on grid.
Auto-start player if not started (when muso starts), and option chosen to play from muso:
 - relies on default windows player for mp3 files being set to the same as your previously chosen muso player.
 - excludes squeezebox players (eg. when server not started), so covers winamp, iTunes and foobar
Reinstated player poller if not started when muso starts (rechecking to see if user starts).
Option to write tags from selected files from database grid (BETA - only main tags written, including RATING tag for flac files).

To support LMS with password protection turned on, allow configuration of secure username/password to use with CLI connection.

Darker (more visible) grid selection hilite colour.
In LMS synch bring across lastplayed and dateadded in local time (not UTC).
Bring comment(s) across from LMS on synch.
Option for writing dynamic tags to flac/ogg files now includes LAST_PLAYED and PLAY_COUNTER tags in addition to RATING.
- this is now also available as a separate cancellable process (with a progress bar) from the File/Export menu.
  (working as part of LMS synch not viable due to speed issue since tags need to be read to be sure that they need updating).

Squeezebox device power indicator via Logitech logo dim/bright - click to toggle (wont detect if powered on/off remotely)
Fix display LMS playlist if password protection on and user/pass configured in muso options.
Mask secure password on login in muso.log
On Synch with LMS & trackstat make date added come from trackstat tables as priority.

Disk numbers in generated catalog (when > 1 in album)
Consolidate contributing artists in internal collections, and allow catalog to be generated for all contributing artists if desired.
Show total artists in left panel summary rather than titled artists.

Allow LMS web server port configuration (default 9000) - only affects LMS playlist link.
Put info on duplicates and skips into LMS synch log for easy reference.
Consolidate contributors in catalog when Titled Artists turned off - compilation album appears under all contributors AND "various artists"
Catalog compilations have artist contributor shown in track listing (and built into ytinstant link).
Improved lyrics matching by artist.
Build 01: Order option on catalog front page - tick not underline

//Use new (more stable) telnet class for communcation with LMS - its NOT!
Speed up other track artist collation

Library Statistics page (via info icon and on View menu)
Show page numbers every 10 when > 50 (25 when > 150) to make navigation to middle pages easy.

Fix issue where track entry in LMS doesnt exist in tracks_persistent
Allow custom tags to be brought across from LMS (Custom Scan plugin)
 - up to 10 can be configured under Options (on new tab)
 - 10 new custom fields available in track db to hold these, or can feed existing attribute (Label, Group Header etc).
 - currently only applied in search (and shown in db grid).
 - will all be utilised by future hierarchical query mechanism.
Cloud View options via more concise menu. Browse albums now shown as "Gallery View" option.
- this redesign is to support new Hierarchical option which will follow later.
Back/Forward now works between different Cloud/Gallery selections.
Fix issue on adding new album from LMS (since custom tags enhancement).

Read filesize, bitrate, samplerate and samplesize from LMS
- display total filesize, album filesize and ability to sort albums by size
- display bitrate etc on album info alongside filetype (except when the norm, ie. samplerate=44.1KHz & samplesize=16bit).
- (might add sort by sound quality option later)
Hierarchical View
- can pick any number of fixed level attributes (right-click on 1st level to define 2nd, and so on), including custom attributes (if configured)
- new treeview shows the fixed levels, and the number of matched albums in each
- can sort fixed levels by standard ordering, reverse, or by number of albums
- the lowest fixed level allows further selection by all non-fixed attributes (fixed sorting on these)
- selected tree node restricts only what albums to initially display in the main area - from there can navigate to album/artist views as standard, including other albums
- can bookmark the fixed levels selected to make re-selection easy (eg. by Composer by Conductor by Orchestra)

Hierarchical View tree within browser area rather than left panel
- (All) branch added for sub-levels to allow level to be skipped.
Catalog minor fixes.
Build 03: New hierarchical option "Album Score" - can see albums scored in each half-star band.

Option to show album score with base 5, 10 or 100(%).
Fix issue with tree not showing after switching to hierarchical from album/artist page.
Remember hierarchical tree width if resized via splitter.
Build 01: Fix to artist sorting affecting catalog, and consolidate compilations in catalog also.

Mechanism to choose hierarchy levels is now by left-click only under new option "New Hierarchy".
- Each option under "New Hierarchy" opens sub-menus for lower levels but you don't have to use sub-levels
  - just click on the level you want.
- Each time new hierarchy is chosen it adds to MRU list (Most Recently Used) under main Hierarchy link.

Link to manage themes folder for Catalog
Apply Album Score configuration to pivot viewer also.
For the gallery view sorted by Artist, sort by Album Name within the same Artist, not by Year then Album Name (as applied in 1.4.15)
 - if you need to control this you can use hierarchical view By Artist then have a level below or use the
   "Albums Sorted By" option on the right.
File Scanner now reads PERFORMER(S) ogg vorbis tag into Performer attribute (as well as SOLOIST(S)).
- muso's standard terminology is "Performer" - renamed from "Soloist" on custom tags configuration (Track Attribute).

Right click options on hierarchy MRU list to delete a single entry from MRU, or clear MRU completely.
No hand icon on Browse Albums
When primary attribute (artist for non-classical, composer for classical) common to all tracks is overridden by
  Album Artist, ensure it still gets secondary billing on album page. eg. Beethoven on album with Album Artist = Alfred Brendel.
Changed "Synch" from LMS to "Import" - was called a Synch since ratings copied back to LMS, but this normally happens immediately via the TrackStat CLI now.
Reworked tag reader - now reads more standard tags - Compilation, lyrics, etc, plus filesize.
- only auto-flag Album as compilation if Album Artist blank and variation of Artist tags across the same album.
Allow configuration of artist group name that compilations are shown under (default "Various Artists") - under Options/Album Collation
- Do not assume "Various Artists" album artist tag is put in this group if the configuration is changed from the default.
- Will appear in natural order under this entry in Artist Cloud ordered by name, and in hierarchy by Artist
- Compilations to Muso are albums which have no titled artist (eg. no Album Artist tags but multiple Artist tags). The
  Compilation track tag only assists in the collation of multiple artists with the same album name into an album. Albums
  which have Album Artist set are not considered compilations even if all tracks have the Compilation track tag set.
- Album display will not display this as titled artist (and will show compilations at the END of the gallery view ordered by
  Artist under *) - it only applies to artist GROUP name.
Simplify Titled Artist to be derived only from Album Artist and Artist tags - remove logic that can derive this from common secondary role Composer, Performer etc (normally classical only)
- ie. force user to use Album Artist tag if you want to credit an album to the performer, rather than infer it by logic which may not suit everyone.
For artist groups in Mixed mode, was showing most classical albums under compilations - instead show under titled artist

Where multiple values are specified in tags (delimited by semi-colons), delimit instead by commas in the herarchy tree.
Hierarchy by strict Album Artist (prototype): Compilations are still put under configured name, but other albums with no album artist are put under "<No Album Artist>".
Custom tags now read on file/folder scan as well as LMS scan - should work for ID3V2, APE, and FLAC (ogg vorbis) tags.

Fix hierarchy delimiting at lower levels
(Remove person name auto-formatting in tree for release - just for me)
For classical albums it can assume titled artist from the Artist tags if no common tag found under AlbumArtist/Composer.
Magic wand now works in the context of the selected hierarchy node in Hierarchy view.

From the images page, add an option to pick one for using as the main cover.
Fix display of Composer and Artist on list of supporting rioles in album header.
Fix hierarchy delimiting in header
Build 01: Ensure classical derived at track level correctly (base on album it appears in).

Check dual composer titled artist and artist=composer on all tracks:
For setting cover from images page, handle local file references. And for setting artwork via drag/drop, deal with remote UNC file references.

Option to clear the Queued Music list (via right click on the header).
Queued Music list now shows total time, and is cleared on switching player (will not retrieve last queued list if you switch back).
Fast initial display of images page (images load in background).
Make magic wand random track count configurable (default 10).
Link to manage main themes folder

Move album info on album page up to top right corner to prevent overlap with long title.
Album Organisation by Folder under Options is now taken to be a GENERAL RULE, overriden only if specified at track level:
- on importing only set track level album organisation attribute if the general rule is to collate by folder, and it recognises subfolder CD1 etc - for multi-disk albums
- otherwise leave track level album organisation field undefined on import (which leaves hilite blank in edit tracks window), and means the general rule is applied
- You van now edit the track-level Album Organisation field in the database grid (Choose Columns to make it visible).
Multi-Selection in hierarchy is now supported:
- only at the same level under the same parent (across levels or parents does not make much sense anyway)
- control-click to add nodes to the selection (again to toggle off)
- shift-click to select a range between the current selection and the item clicked on.
- albums from the selected groups are merged in the display on the right.
- does not merge sub-levels when multi-selecting nodes in parent level (does not make sense in the context of a tree)
- groups selected are summarised in the header (up to 3 are listed before it says "(and 2 more)" for example).
- useful for rating hierarchy to get a wider range of ratings (all over 3 stars for example).
Selecting or defining a new hierarchy auto-selects the first level 1 node.
Option to deselect sorting entry under options (deleting will re-import from LMS on next import)
- plus option to clear all, and clear all imported.
Use new TagLibWrapper on dynamic tag writing:
- does not write PLAY_COUNTER 0

Make dynamic tag writing apply to ID3v2 and APE tags also (not just FLAC/OGG)
SHIFT key modifier to play NEXT, for LMS only, ALT keystroke to play a set of tracks RANDOMISED
Option to show configured compilation artist group against the albums too (and sorted in album list appropriately).
LMS CLI: Remove timeout within telnet socket, and add auto-reconnection facilities if it does still lose connection.

Do not try to hilite disabled search text when in hierarchical view
Send power on/off commands to correct player
Detect complete loss of player and reflect in Player area on left panel (and so force selection of an active player)

React properly to Artist Letter click in herarchical browse.
Allow custom tags to be mapped to other standard fields (Album, Album Artist, Artist, Band, Comment, Genre):
- will override standard tags on LMS import AND file scanner
- combine with separator if >1 custom tag mapped to same Muso field (in the order declared).
- prevent header being input when feeding standard Muso field.

More debug in collating album images
Import from LMS no longer filters out "Various Artists" or "Various" in contributor fields.

Do not pick up sibling artwork folders for an album.

React to custom tag config changes immediately in the grid (required restart before this fix)
- and ensure they are saved if nothing else in the DB changes.
Remember expanded/collapsed state of Tags/Rating section of Filter.

Fix reported back-button issues.
Restyled player selection and left panel links.
Restore filter preset header.

Fix to classical period filter ("Early")
Auto-hide filter presets
Allow OR conditions in Filter, eg:
  blue|green                       matches any album/track with "blue" OR "green" in the detail
  blue green                       matches any album/track with "blue" AND "green" in the detail
  "blue green"                     matches any album/track with exact string "blue green" in the detail
  blue | green pink                matches any album/track with "blue" OR ("green" and "pink") in the detail (OR takes precedence)
  blue -yellow                     matches any album/track with "blue" in the detail but does NOT include "yellow"
  blue -yellow | pink              as above, OR has "pink" in the detail
  "mad dogs" | englishmen          matches "mad dogs" exactly, OR "englishmen"
  Genre:Metal | Genre:Grunge       Two-genre view - Genre: prefix makes it match genre only, otherwise it can match any attribute. Can choose these from
                                   filter presets (control-click to add one to existing filter with OR condition).
  Genre:20thCentury -Muhly         Multi-word genre must be selected from filter presets (strips spaces in filter text), can then combine with AND, NOT or OR conditions
                                   In this case matches any album/track with 20th Century genre, except any which matches "Muhly".
NB. All are case-insensitive. An album or artist page will highlight any full words which match the filtered words in the track listing(s), but not partial words.

Paint bands for non-square cover thumbnails semi-transparent so it appears nicer on a Dark theme (requires regeneration of thumbnails via Options/Appearance).
Minor fixes for dealing with quoted strings in filter, can now be combined with AND and NOT conditions. Can also use + as AND condition as well as space (eg. blue+green)
Add "Bonus Track" field for identifying a bonus track:
- can be rated but excluded from album score and rating graphic
- rating shown with lighter (semi-transparent) stars in album/artist views
- can be fed by custom tag mechanism (can be fed as "0"/"1" or "True"/"False")
Add two more custom tag configurations (to make 12 in total)
- still only 10 custom fields however (extra are used to feed standard fields)
Fix ArtistSort feed from LMS
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Release News - version 1.5.21

Postby musoware » Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:37 pm

  • If an album's ALBUMARTIST tags match the configured Compilation group name and the associated option to show this as the titled artist is turned OFF, put the album with the rest of the compilations (blank titled artist).
  • Play Album/Track NEXT added to context menu (squeezebox players only).
  • Context menus also added to Disc and Track Group headers.

Build 01: Fix population of Title and Genre from custom tags.
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Release News - version 1.5.22

Postby musoware » Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:33 pm

Custom tag mechanism has checkbox to indicate whether the extended tag must exist before it is used (default no)
Bonus track flag shouldn't affect album rating graphic (only score).

EDIT: Build 01 - fix to checkbox enabling.
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Release News - version 1.5.23

Postby musoware » Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:35 pm

AlbumSubheader and DiskSubheader columns + ability to import these from custom tags
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Release News - version 1.5.24

Postby musoware » Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:45 am

Genre preset matches all albums which include that genre, doesn't have to be main genre.
Custom Tag mechanism changed to Import Actions (which incorporates custom tags)
- custom tags prefixed by #, eg. #BONUS (spaces in tag IDs not currently supported)
- standard fields to be copied into target field prefixed by @, eg. @AlbumArtist (these available via autocomplete)
- can add fixed text, eg. (@Comment) copies standard comment field into target field and surrounds with brackets
- "Conditional" checkbox only applies rule if all inputs (custom tags and field references) are non-blank, this is
important for the (@Comment) example above since we do not want () in the target field when there is no comment.
- Actions are applied in the order defined (which can be important).
- Can now define "Tags are Master" as an option to specify that tags will overwrite Muso field values even if the Muso field value exists and is different.
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Release News - version 1.5.24 (Build 01)

Postby musoware » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:09 am

Build 01: If the same Muso field is specified more than once the result is combined without a separator (allows you to make certain parts conditional)
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Release News - version 1.5.25

Postby musoware » Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:50 pm

Explore HTML/CSS option under Tools menu, for those interested in editing themes - allows IE "Developer Tools" to be used
to explore HTML for current page, and even to edit CSS to see the effect of changes.
Increased number of available import actions to 15.
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Postby musoware » Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:15 am

Quick Import from LMS option to only import recent changes from LMS (last 7 days)
- also bypasses artistsort import
- import on startup uses this option by default
Resolved some minor import issues with overwriting Muso fields.
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Re: Change History

Postby musoware » Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:54 pm

Prevent display of composer with performers on track group header (non-classical albums) - will be displayed with each track.
Genre presets based on genres with spaces supported.
Track-level checking on second and subsequent hierarchy levels.

Build 01: Prevent selected checkbox being overridden by import.
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Re: Change History

Postby musoware » Tue Mar 05, 2013 3:34 pm

Splash screen with startup info.
Prevent dual-collation when filetypes pre-saved.
Put Personal/Shared database indicator in window title.

Build 01: Option to turn splashscreen OFF.
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