My short review

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My short review

Postby nidzo » Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:57 pm

Hi, I am a long time user of LMS/Squeezebox. The main advantage of this player is: customization.
Today, i have installed MUSO to acces to my LMS, and i find it quite disappointing.
I don't want to do any criticism, i just want to give my feedback.

1) ARTISTs are treated very badly. For example, in the filter field.... I can just search ALBUM ARTIST.
A search for a COMPOSER, a CONDUCTOR, an ORCHESTRA/BAND, or even an ARTIST who is not an album artist.... results in nothing.

2) Obviously, same thing in the Hierarchy list. ARTIST = ALBUMARTIST. But that's not enough. Let's say I want to find all Miles Davis albums... i want as a result also some J. Coltrane album where Miles has played. Usually, in my tags, I put in ALBUMARTIST tag the main artist (let's say PINK FLOYD), but in ARTIST tag also other artists that I want associated to that album/track (let's say David Gilmour).

3) trackstat integration is only one way. If I rate an album in MUSO, it is not rated in LMS.

4) LastFm is .... very cheap. It's full of errors and very incomplete. But... ok.

5) Classical music: ok everybody has his own scheme. The point - in my opinion - is not to give precedence to COMPOSER (actually, I don't. i give precedence to the performer.... ). The point is to go beyond the usual disc structure. So, one could collect music for COMPOSER/WORK (opus, or whatever), for CONDUCTOR/ORCHESTRA, for ARTIST/COMPOSER (for example Accardo/Paganini) and so on, forgetting ALBUM TAG which is more or less useless.

But I have also read very enthusiastic opinions about MUSO, so maybe i am missing something. :)
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Re: My short review

Postby musoware » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:14 pm

Give it some more time :)

1) I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, but the filter text does search on everything, even the comment field.
2) You are right that Hierarchy by Artist only includes the albums where those artists are titled artists, I will take a look at this because that's not true for other attributes.
3) It is two-way for track ratings, when you rate them in Muso, it pushes the rating through the LMS CLI. I'll check it works when rating at album level, if that's what you are doing.
4) ok
5) I could think about making it configurable which tag to give precedence to. I made it composer because that's what the vast majority of classical CDs do. But if an album has a consistent orchestra (band/ensemble) field - or conductor - while having multiple composers, it will assign the common attribute as the 'titled' artist.

As I said, use the 3 month trial to play with the config and see if it becomes useful to you. Only buy if you are completely happy!
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