Album Art not picked up during import

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Album Art not picked up during import

Postby oyvindo » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:00 am

I always and only imbed albumart inside the MP3’s ID3 tag on all my 9000 albums.
I do not have separate jpg files stored anywhere.

Quite frequently, I clear the whole Muso DB and make a full import from LMS. (I probably do this out of ignorance because I do not trust the partial import command to actually be able to work the same way as the “Look for new and changed files only” scan command in LMS).

After a Full import, I typically end up with some albums that does not have albumart. For the most part newly added albums, but also old albums that I havn’t noticed previously. (I’m not saying that albums that used to have an albumart suddenly looses this for no reason).

Then I start hunting for the reason some newly added albums lack the albumart, and so far I have found several different reasons for this, but little consistency. The discovery of the “Not Specified” tag has helped me a major step forward, and I think it’s beneficial to Muso that you have decided to “fix” this.

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Re: Album Art not picked up during import

Postby musoware » Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:47 am

Yes this should be fixed in the latest 2.5 Beta, as it now looks for embedded artwork of category "Front Cover", but if there is artwork there but none of this category, it wil just use the first image in the collection.
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